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Project Description
Opo.Net consists of the two projects Opo.Net.Mail and Opo.Net.Mime, which contain mainly a POP3 client and associated stuff for handling mail messages.

Some Notes
For project Opo Perspective I need a .NET POP3 client component. After searching the web for some free/open source solution I decided to write my own one, because I didn't find something that satisfied my needs. I wrote some articles on my blog (Cannot resolve macro, invalid parameter 'input'.) about the development of this POP3 client. Since I'm not a professional developer but quite ambitious in writing good code, I'll gladly take your feedback.

I'm also trying to follow the TDD way, so there are also tests projects in the source code. But as I'm new to this I'm not sure how effective these tests are. In particular testing code where access external resources like the filesystem or the remote mail server I have no clue how to do testing right, because red could also mean that these resources are not available. So feedback is very welcome.

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